13 September 2009

13 September 2009

F22 paper


Wow! What a crazy week! I spent last week going to meetings, working in the studio, looking for jobs, and looking for a place to live. It was a pretty tall order but everything seems to be coming together.

Everyone is welcome to my studio. It will be featured in the tour this Friday when we go to the Humanities Building. My studio is in 7331 at the end by the tool cabinet. It is a charming little work area with modern amenities featuring a sink, coffee pot and my own ventilation system. It is a cross between an antique store and a back lot workshop. My Grandfather was a master craftsman and a lot of my work space hearkens back to when I was a young’un spending afternoons in my Grandpa’s re-purposed Victorian cottage shadowing his every move. Of course, our studios are always a work in progress and I still have some tasks that need completed soon. Some of my tools remain scattered between St. Louis and Madison at various family member’s garages. Later in the week, I brought alot of my pieces that I have been working on to my studio.

Work this week was fun. I am enjoying art more than ever as I have embraced some truths that help inform my work that I used to steer away from as I doubted their validity as art materials. I built a realistic handgun from Legos that I am enjoying. By the way, Joe Leroux and I are working on a mini-show for the display case outside of 7331. It will feature guns made from various materials. We still are ironing out the details. Keep an eye out.  Most of my ideas come from an instruction, sign or observation that is considered too acceptable to contridict.  Warning signs, government instruction publishments and tolerated children’s behaviour are good examples. I also built a paper airplane this week from flight maps and technical data as a study for a projection piece that I am working on this semester. Lastly, I have been working on a child’s ejection seat. It has been enjoyable mocking it up this week. After finally getting my Woodshop class, I will begin this week cutting out the actual parts to assemble it. I was riding around the East Side looking for thrift stores when I stumbled across the perfect infant seat setting on the curb for free! It was one of those lucky and productive days that we love to enjoy.


Eject seat mock up

My context is most general meant to pose facetious cause for societal problems. More on that later.  As far as getting my work out there, I have been applying to shows, gettting about three per year. I am working on my website and making alot more connections to show at. Sometimes my work is public.

I spent some time looking for work this week and that kept me pretty busy. Maybe not pretty, but definitely the latter. I met a guy that did his BFA at UWMad and worked out at Truax field. For random bonus information: he even did the same exact job as me. So, we had a lot to talk about and he had some good information on who to see to get a day or two each week out at the air base. I am also applying for Work Study. We will see what works out.

So, most of the week, I was house hunting. My partner, Angie would update me daily on padmapper.com postings and I would look at each property, search the neighborhood for other rentals. This became a daily exorcise. Since we have a two year old (Reyah), we wanted a nice neighborhood with a yard, nearby park and bike trails. We actually had a stringent list of requirements including proximity to campus and the airport as well as Laundry, house with character, no vinyl siding, near bus route, driveway, free street parking, close to a pub, etcetera. Finally, on Thursday, we were offered a lease on a cool single family, brick house in the Atwood neighborhood. Frickin’ awesome! I was worried that we may have been too picky, but the wait paid off. No more crashing on peoples couches or sleeping in parks! We began moving in Sunday. Such a great feeling.

Our little brick house

Here is some more bonus info: When my lease expired in June, we decided to move in with Angie’s Mom and Step Dad. I was actually pretty nervous about it and had to think it over for a couple of weeks before finally moving in. One month after we moved in, her sister got divorced and moved with her two children back home! Woah! We then had 2 men, 6 females, 9 fish, one turtle and my oldest Daughter who comes and goes at will living in a 3 bedroom ranch with one bathroom. Using the facilities was like going to a barber shop and pulling a number. It will be so nice now to take a leak indoors, especially with Wisconsin winters.

So far this weekend, we have driven 1100 miles. At the time of this writing, I was in the passenger seat trying to type on my laptop as we bounced down the highway with our trailer in tow. My partner and I drove in shifts as we have not had much sleep through the weekend. Our Sunday trip included Angie’s sister who followed us in a pick-up truck. Two hours in to our trip, the pin that secures the tilt mechanism on trailer broke flipping the trailer bed in the air at sixty miles per hour. We quickly decelerated in the middle of the interstate as the rear of the trailer drug us to a stop in a shower of sparks. Luckily, the straps held and we suffered no losses. After her sister, who had been following behind us calmed down, we found some wire and made repairs and were back on the road. Three hours into our jaunt, we realized that someone packed the piece of paper that had the code to our key lock to get into our new house. We maintained our heading, searching through random boxes at each pee stop. We found numbers for the owner and property manager and left messages despite the fact that their offices closed at noon on Sunday. I began drifting in to that distinct uncomfortable line of logical thinking where one considers the most affordable options available when breaking in to your own property. The side door had plate windows, which may or may not have allowed enough reach to the door lock. The basement window seamed a viable option as it could be boarded up easily until we could replace it. As I was contemplating the removing the wooden brick moulding, the manager happened to check messages on his office phone and texted us the lock code.

On a different note, I really enjoyed the informal meeting last Friday. It was nice to hang out and see peoples’ studios. It is crazy to see what different folks do in their space. Marina’s studio was amazing with it’s Zen-like ambience, performance stage and work and relax areas. I felt at peace during my visit. Dale’s space looked like a mad-scientist laboratory. I totally dug (as most people) the electronic sound machine that I can never remember the name of. He has cool toys and some serious skills. I would like to work with him on a project sometime. Dale is pretty sure that I am stalking him now.

On that note, thanks for reading. See you all soon. 

One Response to “13 September 2009”

  1. Kyle Patnaude Says:

    A theremin! Yes Dale’s studio is definitely the place to crash in on at random times you feel like a didgeridoo lesson. And then a quick nap in Marina’s studio, hell you’ll have an apple waiting for you when you wake up. I’m looking forward to this Friday being in the Humanities building. I’ve been meaning to walk my ass down to the sculpture area to visit, but it seems like the seventh floor people just spend their days hiding behind locked doors, my studio mates included.

    I’m so glad you and your whole crew are safe and sound after that incredible moving experience! You will absolutely have a blast in Atwood. It’s a nice quiet neighborhood but a lot of character. If you haven’t guessed, thats where I live (up on Ohio Ave). Also there are a ton of small shops full of stuff to make any object connoisseur load right up.

    I have to give you some kudos for moving three weeks into the semester and getting work done simultaneously! I’ve been in my studio every day and you have by far gotten more done than I could even consider. And it’s about time someone started filling up the damn display cabinets in the hallway. Running the “track” of bare walls and empty cases was getting to be a bit depressing.

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