Hey Gang

I will comment mid-week here because some people had some comments and asked for some images. First, to Dale’s question about my ability to perform my tasks in the military while questioning the politics and social implications of it all.

07-21-07_1505I divide my brain on two different channels. Historically, most people in my shop (Aircraft Weapons) understand that I have always questioned politics and the military. I have been called “our unit’s crazy artist” they always want to pigeon-hole me but I try not to let them. I have always respected military authority while keeping my chiefs and commanders on their toes. My old Chief that I had for years, shared with me an understanding that I would perform my job to the best of my ability while tasked, but spare time, I would do or say pretty much whatever. Now, I don’t go starting fights, that is not me. But I have challenged many times, when people start spouting off FOX News shit.  I have learned new ways to approach a subject as to not alienate those who depend on me while subtly planting seeds of thought or at very least, acceptance of different views.

StopSo back to that double throw switch: Wether or not I am deployed, I spend my “non-tasked” time, painting, reading, sculpting, chatting, smoking, photographing. you get the idea. As soon as the Expeditor approaches me with a task, say go load bombs on a jet, or go arm and launch a flight of jets, I flip that switch and everything, art, family, politics etc. leaves my mind and I only focus on the task that I am being paid for: To successfully load bombs, arm and launch mission capable aircraft in accordance with applicable technically data and professionalism to ensure the completion of the mission. It does not matter if I agree with the mission or not. I only consider that in my own private time. As soon as I am back at the shop and off task, I pick up a pen and start doodling. I feel like I have a debt to the Military, I had no idea what to do when I graduated high school and they came in and offered me money and adventure. I was young and bought in to it for a while, but they have paid most of the bills so I will fulfill my contract with them. I will see if I can find some pics of my over-seas past-time: Mural painting. Don’t expect modern art. Military murals get so micro-managed that they all look the same. I have to work hard to get an idea across. Anymore, I just say “yeah, whatever” because staying busy painting, keeps me from sweeping, mopping and all of that other crap that the military is famous for.

60thAV_tail_069Thanks for listening.


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