Week 8

So, this is a short one as I had posted earlier this week. I just have a couple of things to share. I enjoyed the trip to Chicago and I thank Laurie Beth for making that happen. I also would like to thank her for taking us to the Mexican restaurant. Our table had a great time. On Jonathan, people should check out his blog he had some really great thoughts that I am still processing. I always admire people that have a way to pull apart a situation and look at it through different lenses. In Chicago, I really enjoyed Bruce Nauman’s Clown Torture piece. It totally rocks. I have been looking at alot of his work the past couple of years. The guy is amazing in the way that he thinks. I also really enjoyed the small galleries. I find it very interesting on how the gallery, collector, artist all work together. Personally, I don’t go for that stuff. I have never liked the idea to “selling” to a certain gallery. Yes, I understand how the system works, I am just not that keen to the idea that if you are discovered, you a life-debt to that person. I am more the public sculpture whore that would like to improve myself and my situation from the business side of things as opposed to having rich blue hairs saying “Oh, I just love that guy, we should buy some of his shit now while he is real cheap and maybe we can earn some money off his silly arse someday.” Yeah, not for me. Sorry there are no links or pics on this little shorty. consider it a quick update. And for those who have been askin’, Yes, I am now fully refueled and have tons of energy this week. I am ready to get back in the studio and crank out my Children’s Assault Vehicle and finish up the ejection seat. CHat, later,


M1 jeep

2 Responses to “Week 8”

  1. njohnson6 Says:

    Hi Sandy,

    Happy to hear you enjoyed Chicago. I’ve been collecting stories about the various adventures that took place from the people I’ve run into who went. The most mentioned was the bus ride home with drunken song battles that never ended. (Glad I missed that.) My favorite was of Heejin playing with Nic’s pocketknife and telling every one to “put ‘um up”, giggling, then “shut-up” and giggling some more.

    I have mixed feelings about galleries. I understand your hesitance, as I am also not into selling for the sake of it, but I also question how much of my position has to do with a lack of personal exposure to it. For example a good friend of mine has an excellent relationship with his gallery and has been encouraged to make whatever work he’s into at the time. Once every two years he has a solo show in the space. The gallery owner also takes his work to art fairs nationally, has hooked him up with international exhibitions and has really helped to get his name out there. In a conversation I had with my friend about the questionable cut galleries get off the sale of an artist’s work he told me he felt like it was fair. Without all of the support the gallery gave him, his career would have been totally different and would have a hell of a lot less exposure. (He also does public commissions and teaches, for the record, so it’s not like he is limited to the gallery world.) So, in not so short, I think it is really about finding the right balance with the right gallery, and for me it’s about mixing it up, and gearing my work towards multiple outlets.

    I think you might like the right gallery. The right gallery would like you, too.

    Grin. N

  2. heejinhwang Says:

    Sounds great. You seem to be charged energy for this week.
    I also really had fun during the trip. The Art Institute of Chicago was amazing. I was kind of shock because the works in museum were impressed. I also really enjoyed the trip by knowing how to communicate between artists and curators and how to try to sell artists’ work. These days I really want to make public my work that is why I am considering making my own website. You also should think about that. And I really enjoyed dinner time with you. ^^

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