This is a test post for some links. It has nothing to do with Art 908 but you are more than welcome to read this small paragraph. I am testing links with my new (migrated) website: and trying to link it to wisculpture and UW-Madison. Next, I will test UW-Madison Art and SIUE Art & Design. Now I will test the cross link titled: sandbergcreative. I will also use the terms j.e.sandberg, jason sandberg, sandy sandberg, art 908, and jasonsandberg’s blog. Now, I will close all browsers and access this from google and see what crosslinks come up. P.S. If you are still reading this, I am doing this to multiply the times that “web-crawlers” and search engines find my web-site. People said that this may work. Ask me in a month. Later,



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  1. meganfonstad Says:

    Hey Sandy,
    It’s exciting I get to comment on your blog this week, not that I don’t talk to you regularly or just five minutes ago.
    I thought it was great too having everyone visit my studio for studio days, but I was definitely exhausted from it. I slept for about 10 hours the night after and was still tired. I did meet a lot of great people though. It was also tiring explaining my work over and over, I just found myself bored if I didn’t mix what I said up a little. I definitely have what I want to say about my work down. Talking in front have people has always made me uncomfortable too, and it’s something I’ve been working to get over.
    I agree that the group show was pretty awesome. I thought it was great to see the work in person, instead of just the small images in the blogs.
    The critique you had with John Henry sounds pretty crazy. I wonder how I would have handled that critique, I don’t think I would have cried though (hopefully). I appreciate honest feedback but I usually like more explanation with a critique, so I have more to go off of.
    These blogs are definitely going to be something by the end of the semester. I don’t think I’ve ever written thirteen thousand words about myself. I’ve never kept a dairy or anything for any extended length of time. I think that the blogs might be nice to look back at later and remember what it was like our first semester of grad school. Especially with all of the pictures and links.
    Hope you’re having a good week,

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