My travel Connundrum

I will begin with a further explanation of my question that I posed for the class as the idea of entitlement still concerns me. It actually has for a long time. Think back to a place you worked one time where there was a large gap in entitlement between management and labor. I can think of numerous examples in my military career as well as my time in manufacturing where the upper management carried an entitlement. I would stare at them and ask myself what they did in life to constitute more perks than myself.
Before I digress to far, I will pose the long version of my question from last week.
“…Many writers have implied that tourism is a colonial practice with many negative repercussions on the place traveled to, both naturally and anthropologically. The writers use their enlightened status on the subject as justification for their travel. [Lippard was not as harsh on this as previous writers. She does however, comment through a certain lens.] Lippard tells of Tiravanija’s road trip from L.A. to Philidelphia inserting a replacement reading of Robert Frank’s book as opposed to Jack Kerouac’s in an attempt to justify Tiravanija’s trip. Is the “international eye” or enlightenment all that is needed to travel?
This cannot work out logically. If everyone in the world attained an international eye, they could travel. Obviously, this would not be good for the world. It may be an odd comparison but learning Photoshop does not make you an artist. I think that we would be better served if we compared it to the model of the simple food revolution. Instead of having this snooty view on travel, we should invite readers and travelers to learn more. We should accept the fact that it is healthy for humans to get away sometimes and provide them with the facts for more eco/cultural friendly travel. As more people change their current travel ways, they can share with each other and over time, the population as a whole will find it more “civilized” to leave a light footprint when leaving their region.
I think that Kerouac’s book is fine for travel. He may have used a lot of petrol but they slept in the car or with friends. They witnessed or “dug” locals from the windshield and they kept an open mind. Jack will be a friend of Katie and I on our cross-country trek. We too, will be consuming a fair amount of fuel. That is why we are paying close attention to the mileage of the vehicle that we choose. We will also be sleeping in a tent or a car. I really think that America needs to get back to camping. That is a responsible way for families to teach children about impact.
My education on impact came from my youth in Boy Scouts. My favorite part was the camping. My Scoutmasters, and especially camp staff taught me how to leave no trace. In scouting, I also was awarded the Order of the Arrow. This was a ritual loosely based on Native American coming of age rites. By the end of my training, I learned to support myself in the lakes and woods, becoming conscious on every move I made, and leaving no trace of myself when I departed. Later in life, I used many of those same skills as I became a four-wheel-drive enthusiast. The national program attending to this group is called “Tread Lightly.” It is of a similar base as Scouting.
Now, here is where the problem lies: I just laid out an argument about travel justification. I proposed a few ideas to improve the impact of travel. I discussed my thoughts and experience. But it ended up as me justifying my own travel! That is what I am trying to avoid. Now, I may be as arrogant as the writers that I just attacked. Wow. Thanks for staying on until here. I hope you enjoyed the trip. Please share with me your comments so that I can try to work through this.
Tread Lightly!


One Response to “My travel Connundrum”

  1. austinoh Says:

    that is a problem… how about this, i spent the whole winter so far without driving, so i’ve stored up some eco-karma. i can give it to you for your trip, and that way you won’t have to worry about the whole fuel thing.

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