Just checking in to tell you that we have made it back from our research trip out West. It was at a breakneck pace but we survived and learned many things along the way. We are having problems with Google updating our markers but will be working that out soon. Keep checking back and I post exerpts of my paper on here as well. I will also tell amazing stories like how the Santa Fe railroad caused a tourist craze in Hawaii. Later,


2 Responses to “Update.”

  1. phil Says:

    Glad you made it back safely. Look forward to seeing some pictures if you have any.
    It occurred to me that in conversation we often pull up thoughts to relate to the subject. Our thoughts have developed from what we read, hear, see, and experience. When we don’t have that personal experience element our minds picture what we get from the first three. Often skewered by partial information or bias. So for those who have not had the experience of route 66 or Hawaii they can only relate by what they have seen, heard, or read from other sources. When we get to finally experience for our self we carry preconceived notions and expectations which hinder us from getting a fresh look. But being pleased or disappointed it is worth having the personal experience.

  2. Brianna Dennis Says:

    Good to see that you guys made it back safely!

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