Student Work

This semester has me thinking back to undegrad and community college. I never realized the value of each pencil stroke until I tell one of my students to re-crop an image. It is like I asked them to chop their pinky finger off at the first joint. Maybe, I was that way too. It seems that we grow as an artist when we learn to detach ourselves from the work. I finished a two-month long collaboration with another graduate a couple of weeks ago. Our professor said during the critique that what we were trying to say was clear enough with my collaborators part- that what I spent 250 hours building was un-needed. That was a hard pill to take but I did. We did not change it however; it is setting 32-degree water right now. My point being that cropping .75″ of an image is not the end of the world. It more than likely will improve the overall aesthetic as it deletes the sloppy intended edges of the original. It is amazing that all I ask is for them to make their projects the same size and they are scouring and re-interpreting the direction sheet to support their claim that they should not have to delete any of their labor. Maybe, I should ask them to choose the best 8.5 X 11 inch area of their drawing during critique and crop it again! No, I am not that mean. Thanks for reading!


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