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Upcoming Show & New Website

February 13, 2012

Hello, friends! As I write this, one of my friends is working on my new website. After months of arguing with a yahoo holding company in New Zealand about who owned my name, I decided to start fresh with a new website. Same address as the old one but hyphenated. Keep checking this month and you will start to see my work pop up there.

Meanwhile, I am trying to put some final focus on the work for my MFA show in April. A final show seems akin to steering a barge through the lower Mississippi. I am almost to the gulf- just trying to line my vessel up for that last steer-point. From there it is full throttle forward!

Just to keep things exciting, I have been working on a grant project with the Milwaukee Art Museum for the closing of their Tool At Hand show. I have been doing a side project for the last year building tool  boxes for children and working with them to give them skills and confidence. As the project stands currently, the kids attending the  closing will come in to a studio classroom, select parts to build a tool box, hammer it together and stamp information on the blank panels. The boxes all slot together like the old wood dinosaur skeletons. The parts are made from recycled cabinet scraps from Drift Studio in Mt. Horeb, WI. After assembly, they can choose stamps that say “property of _____” , a scaled ruler, nail sizing chart, or a graphic decimal equivalent chart. We are currently working out the details of time and number of kids for the program, but I think this will be great. Since Milwaukee all but stripped Art and the Industrial Arts from their school system, I will feel good that I am introducing a couple of hundred kids to handcraft.