Normal Friday

Last week I rushed through my closet Friday morning searching for the perfect look for my photoshoot. I have had a couple of requests for head shots this year and felt the ones currently floating around did not exactly communicate “me.” I had decided a month earlier to hire an art photographer known for her unique photoshoots. I grabbed a jacket and ran downstairs to my shop. Rachel Holden was in my drive unloading equipment. Once set up, I realized I was still wearing a jacket. She told me that it was ok, she was just metering light and setting up shots. NPR was playing in the background. I was warned that she had a unique way of shooting a week prior but nothing seemed out of the ordinary at this point. Soon, both of us were on our phones as she needed an assistant to make some shots work. Daniel, from the museum showed up and we began shooting for real. Rachel told me “pull out tools that you use often for your work and lay them on the bench if we need them. Everything began innocent enough. Me, in my jacket posing in stoic positions as if I were a 1990’s investment broker. Then, it got real. She had me pick up art tools and pose with them. She wanted sparks in the background to represent welding and had my assistant, Daniel start grinding on steel off camera to add some context. Then. She placed orange gels on a flood and positioned them close to my face. Not enough. She then had Daniel spray air freshener in front of me to get a “nice orange glow.” Are we about done? “No.” As I finished sneezing and wiping the tears from my eyes, she decided that I should bring out spray paint. (Spray paint is involved in much of my work) Rachel walked to the radio in my shop and put it on a classic rock station. Rob Zombie was on. The pace of the shoot increased rapidly. She had me in a mask spraying paint directly at her camera and lights. What was supposed to be a 15 minute shoot has now rolled up to nearly 2 hours. Volume has increased again, she was hollering at my assistant to throw red dye powder in my face. The camera was firing on all cylinders. Finally, she said “I think we got something.” Whew! I was sweating, my eyes were burning. My shop was a mess. Her equipment was covered in paint and dye. I thanked Rachel, told her to Venmo me, and everyone left. After another hour of decompression, I walked through the sculpture park next to my work. After catching my breath, I sent Rachel a text asking if I could see some raw images. She replied with 5 raw shots. As I scrolled through them, I could only think: I am totally profesh, I am casual, I am badass, I am totally gangster artist! Well worth the money. When I get my blog working on my work station again, I will post links. But, if you really want to see awesome photography, Google or FB Rachel Holden photography! Peace.

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