Blog 3.0

Hello. It is a blustery night on the prairie as a take time by a warm fire to share with you the announcement of my new blog format. I have been planning this for nearly a year and have finally decided how to make the most of my time and yours! Instead of seeing a blog post come across your social media and thinking you should give it a pity “like”, I implore you to click as my blog will be set up like an abstract or table of contents with hotlinks. You can scroll through quickly and see if there is something you like. (if not, please go with the pity “like”)

I will be choosing topics and references that I am consuming regarding making by sharing links. Here is an example: I follow Rob Walker who wrote the book the Art of Noticing. He often keeps my creative mojo going. Notice that? You can read past, go to the website, or get a link to his book. Great dude.

For those who I interact with regularly you know that I have been working on notes about my “future book” on Getting Shit Done to optimize my shop and making experience. Many of my inspiring moments come from artist/writer Austin Kleon who is an amazing blogger. Artists may know his books like Steal Like an Artist, Show Your Work, and Keep Going. I felt like I spent months spinning my wheels on how to begin until I read an edition of his blog where he talks about John Swartzwelder from the Simpsons that said to write a “shitty first draft.” That was my impetus to begin writing now & more. More posts, more blogs, & more trade articles. I have found that it works well for me. Just throw crap on the screen in a stream of consciousness manner then go back and edit it later.

At this moment, I am working on the idea of a “Launch Pad.” After exploring ideas of kitting, bubble maps, an Kanban flowing, (all of which have their uses) I settled on my own method of “Launch Pad.” I have a deep love of all things space exploration and this just came naturally as you will see. For years, my wife and I have built model rockets with all of our kids, nieces, nephews, cousins, etc. As we neared launch day, our spaces became overfilled with rockets and parts in various stages. To organize this mess, I pulled out scraps of white foamboard and laid on a bench where a kid was working. The rule was that all of their parts and sub-assemblies had to remain on the white foamboard. This brought many great improvements including containment, being able to see parts easily, the ability to write notes directly on their launch pad, and not losing track of sub-assemblies. While the kids were working, I still had projects going through the shop so I decided to put them on foamboard so they would not be confused with the kids’ projects. Instantly, I noticed that my own production had drastically increased! In the last two years I have tweaked on the idea, added temporary cutting mats, used Kanban Post-its on the foam, and even expanded the idea to recycle floating IKEA Lack Shelves to build Launch Pads for the morning launch at home! Coffee? Keys? Sunglasses? It’s all right there. I will have more ready for sale this summer.

I would be remiss if I did not throw a complicated word at everyone. I often find that the Germans are great at providing complicated words. The above post has been brought to you by the word: Gesamtkunstwerk, German for “all-encompassing art.” It is often beneficial to expand your current interest of the moment to art, writing, lifestyle, music, household, et. al. as you will get the ability to fully dive into subjects and uncover various exciting things that you would not if you stopped at the finish line after one race.

Regarding Getting Shit Done, I finished a good book this week titled The Subtle art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson. I honestly did not know what to expect but had some great takeaways that provided more time in my life as the book makes a clear distinction on my problem/not my problem and how we decide to spend our energy as we go through life.

It is also my wish to challenge people to create things. Yes, that is one of my funs. Write down 12 things that you think are good ideas that can be done in an hour. Fold them up and throw them in a jar, box, ammo can, whatever. Next week, randomly select one and do it. Feel free to PM me photo of whatever it was you did. I will be happy to see!



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