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Set to Launch

March 10, 2021
Launch shelf that our family uses every morning.

Thanks to my friend, Brandon Barker, I have regained access to my blog following a migration, smoked Macbook, and a couple of routers. I am back on track trying to find some of the myths of our modern world. Those thoughts that have become so normalized that you unwittingly take as the truth. I have a big one currently. It deals with the how to get shit done as a creative when you have a day job, family, pandemic, whatever. It is my deepest dive into research on the “act” of making. That may be as a hobby, as a job, or as a consortium of many sorts. I remember being terrorized by David Bayles and Ted Orland’s “Art and Fear” in Graduate school. I still love that book and visit it every so often.

I often thought that one had to stand at the crossroads in search of a university job, or find that perfect gallery that was in love with your work. One day, as an adjunct professor, I was doing all of the training and paperwork to start my semester when I found out that both of my classes had been dropped due to low enrollment. Then, I knew- this is not why I got in to the arts. I got in to entertain myself by working through my thoughts and ideas, making things, and possibly getting people to look at those things and step outside of what they previously thought was gospel. I decided to spend my creative energy elsewhere. (Despite not having any classes to teach, the College was still asking me to register for pre-semester H.R. requirements!)

Every few years, I reassess my current situation and adjust course. One of the first questions that I write either in a journal or on a piece of graph paper in front of me is: “What makes me happy.” I know- super easy right? But we have to constantly ask ourselves this or we drift off-course. In Graduate school we had a visiting artist (I have dug deep but cannot remember her name) that said “for inspiration, always refer to your childhood.” This has been some of the greatest advice ever. I began to write down what motivated me through the years. My opening for my TEDx talk in Decatur referred to these things: rockets, racecars, trains, electronics, militaria, trucks, industry… In my twenties there was a resurgance of these themes when I watched Mythbusters on Discovery Channel. I received a total creative infusion when I stumbled upon Adam Savage’s Tested channel on YouTube. I have also learned to revalue my inspiration vs. actions through Austin Kleon‘s books Steal Like an Artist, Show your work, and Keep Going. I hope to absorb and reflect some of the great energy that these two provide for me.

To channel all of this new energy, (here it is: the big one) I have decided to assemble some of the greatest inspirations for my work into a collected volume of knowledge. Yes, I am going to write a book. I do not care if I have to self publish and print 10 copies. It is a goal that I have, and I am committed to keeping it. Bubble thought drawings have been filling my sketchbooks for months now and have coalesced into about twelve general areas (chapters). I will begin researching each one until I feel that I have something worthwhile to provide for creative types like myself. I hope to keep my blogposts short and informed with links to further reading so that the reader does not feel obligated to review a doctoral thesis each time I post.

Also, I will include photographs. Many photographs. Having five paragraphs without a pretty picture is not of my nature. I ask you to follow along and share with those that need a push. I will provide artwork, sign work, and exhibits on Instagram links try Sandcruiser13. Thank you for reading this far! Oh! the working title of my book is “Launch Pad– the creative’s guide to getting shit done.”