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The Countdown…

April 13, 2011

Hello, all!

Wisconsin politics are in the courts now and I have been working on the sculptural installation for my M.A. Show. It will be on April 30, in front of the Art Lofts on 111 N. Frances St. in Madison, WI. I was just getting ready to change venues and order cards, when I finally got approval to shut down the street that night. My cards are coming this week. At least it will be fresh in everyone’s memory. I worked with my fellow artists, Dale Kaminski, and Andrew Sawler on my imagery. I wanted to get the context just right. We chose an image of a 9=year old on a flight line near some jet fuel tanks. Some details were ‘shopped out and others enhanced. We paid close attention to the position of his eyes, and the position of the text. I will just post it. Feel free to critique my postcard. Even Better, come critique my show! It begins at 8:00 pm.

The Myth of Patriotism

I had bounced between a couple of wordier title versions but it began to sound like a doctoral thesis. Leaving “The Myth of Patriotism” is short, effective, and sacrilegious. I want to open more dialogue about patriotism and nationalism. I believe that both are tools for manipulation and power. I often recall the thought that one group’s terrorists, are another group’s freedom fighters. Only with a true discussion can we strip away ¬†layers of the programming that family, friends, community, government and culture as a whole have been applying from the time we were all children. Many of my friends in the military, as well as many family members, would not agree with this but I enjoy a friendly discussion! Logically, nationalism/patriotism does not work out as a productive “ism” in culture. I will leave that alone for now as it is time to go teach then get back in the studio and finish up the mounting system for my feature piece of the up-coming installation. ¬†Peace!

To Mother Earth

December 23, 2010

So, the end of another semester came. I took a couple of days off to get my mind right before submitting grades. Sometimes you have to separate yourself from the emotional connections to be utterly fair. In my time off, I began working with some artist neighbors of mine to build an Ice Bar. This is great back breaking work for anyone looking to unwind at the end of a semester in the snow belt. We began with a simple Art Deco’ish design in their front yard. The other “forts” that I have built for art pieces are usually well planned and thought out- or at least planned to develop in a certain way. This one was was drafted on the back of a pizza box. Ok, so you think we may have had too many drinks and come up with this. You would be correct on that assumption, but probably not on the next. We followed through and received help from a couple of other friends in the last two days. The fort is now, five feet tall (we are building the ceilings at 6ft), we began casting the windows in ice to install over the holiday, the vintage Preway fireplace is installed, the roofs are ready and last, but not least, the bar is installed. After returning from a Winter Solstice celebration, I felt the need to celebrate, I asked my neighbors to join me, and they suggested that we finish the bar first. So, after 2 more hours of back-breaking labor and 11 more ice blocks, we were polishing the top and popped open a bottle of cab sav to celebrate the solstice just as Mother Earth would intend. Erick documented, and I will get some photos up soon. Tomorrow, we will finish the two top courses on the rear of the fort and install the roofs, (reclaimed box-springs) Erick is installing a thermometer to gauge how warm we can keep it without melting it down. We are currently looking for an animal hide for the door. (please do not kill an animal just for this, there are plenty of hides floating around already). Our next step is to install a strand of holiday lights through bottles inserted in the back wall for some mood lighting. My neighbor, Erica, claims that we should build a snowball trebuchet just in case any of our other neighbors become jealous, or the city attempts to raise their taxes.

As far as my other work, I finished the semester up with a half-dozen new pieces. I am only excited about two of them. I will revisit the large scale toy planes as well as more custom tool boxes. The new year will find me working with my friend, Dale Kaminski on a new projection piece that I am really excited about. Enjoy your holiday, whatever that may be and your new year!