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New Show

March 1, 2016

Hello, friends! Last weekend found me taking a relaxing though scheduled drive to the Saint Louis Metro area to deliver new artwork. The pieces are a diptych of two 24″ X 36″ “airscapes” done in acrylic on wood. Yes, I do make two-dimensional artwork! I often find that some of my sculptures are too large for some venues and over the last couple of years I have begun finishing some of my sculptural ideas so that they can be displayed as well. The title of the diptych is Air to Air Porn Remix. I sometimes spend too much time on titles but this one is different as the title reflects the history of the piece. In Graduate School at the University of Wisconsin- Madison, it was a house cleaning every year that a graduating class moved out leaving friends with loads of artwork of varying degrees of finish for their friends. One of my good friends, Justin Maes awarded me with some large wood A-A Porn Close-upcanvasses depicting military individuals in compromising positions. They were very beautiful to look at but the content makes them quite hard to display. Justin was always remixing artwork and music, producing his own tracks in Grad School to accompany some of his works. two years ago, with little money to buy food, let alone canvas, I chose to do my own remix. For two pieces, I chose to paint over the figures with various shades of blue depicting the upper atmosphere. I then placed paper planes engaged in a dogfight, launching phallic salt and pepper shakers at each other. I feel that the content of the original piece still comes through but in a very different way. Over time, I will probably do at least one more set of paintings based on Justin’s paint-outs. More paper airplanes could be involved. Not sure, but they keep coming back repeatedly in my work as I dig deeper into the connections between, violence, beauty, war fighting, heroism, toys, and patriotism. So, if you are in the STL area, check out the show at Saint Charles Community College! March 7th – April 8th.

Talk soon,


Upcoming Show & New Website

February 13, 2012

Hello, friends! As I write this, one of my friends is working on my new website. After months of arguing with a yahoo holding company in New Zealand about who owned my name, I decided to start fresh with a new website. Same address as the old one but hyphenated. Keep checking this month and you will start to see my work pop up there.

Meanwhile, I am trying to put some final focus on the work for my MFA show in April. A final show seems akin to steering a barge through the lower Mississippi. I am almost to the gulf- just trying to line my vessel up for that last steer-point. From there it is full throttle forward!

Just to keep things exciting, I have been working on a grant project with the Milwaukee Art Museum for the closing of their Tool At Hand show. I have been doing a side project for the last year building tool  boxes for children and working with them to give them skills and confidence. As the project stands currently, the kids attending the  closing will come in to a studio classroom, select parts to build a tool box, hammer it together and stamp information on the blank panels. The boxes all slot together like the old wood dinosaur skeletons. The parts are made from recycled cabinet scraps from Drift Studio in Mt. Horeb, WI. After assembly, they can choose stamps that say “property of _____” , a scaled ruler, nail sizing chart, or a graphic decimal equivalent chart. We are currently working out the details of time and number of kids for the program, but I think this will be great. Since Milwaukee all but stripped Art and the Industrial Arts from their school system, I will feel good that I am introducing a couple of hundred kids to handcraft.

The Countdown…

April 13, 2011

Hello, all!

Wisconsin politics are in the courts now and I have been working on the sculptural installation for my M.A. Show. It will be on April 30, in front of the Art Lofts on 111 N. Frances St. in Madison, WI. I was just getting ready to change venues and order cards, when I finally got approval to shut down the street that night. My cards are coming this week. At least it will be fresh in everyone’s memory. I worked with my fellow artists, Dale Kaminski, and Andrew Sawler on my imagery. I wanted to get the context just right. We chose an image of a 9=year old on a flight line near some jet fuel tanks. Some details were ‘shopped out and others enhanced. We paid close attention to the position of his eyes, and the position of the text. I will just post it. Feel free to critique my postcard. Even Better, come critique my show! It begins at 8:00 pm.

The Myth of Patriotism

I had bounced between a couple of wordier title versions but it began to sound like a doctoral thesis. Leaving “The Myth of Patriotism” is short, effective, and sacrilegious. I want to open more dialogue about patriotism and nationalism. I believe that both are tools for manipulation and power. I often recall the thought that one group’s terrorists, are another group’s freedom fighters. Only with a true discussion can we strip away  layers of the programming that family, friends, community, government and culture as a whole have been applying from the time we were all children. Many of my friends in the military, as well as many family members, would not agree with this but I enjoy a friendly discussion! Logically, nationalism/patriotism does not work out as a productive “ism” in culture. I will leave that alone for now as it is time to go teach then get back in the studio and finish up the mounting system for my feature piece of the up-coming installation.  Peace!