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Cinema 7

November 25, 2015

So, here are a couple of pics of the Cinema 7 sign that I made for my good friends Eric and Rachel Smith. The body is made out of 3/4″ marine grade plywood. It is painted in Tuscan Red enamel paint. The gold is 24k paint outlined with old-school black enamel sign paint.

Cinema in procThe perimeter was fitted with Aluminum roll stock. The number insert was milled and fitted with clear plexi. I made a somewhat complicated system to bore the holes to accept year-round holiday lights from Target. After a 30 degree chamfer on top, I cold forged brass grommets to match the underside of the bulbs and seat in the holes.

Cinema1After repairing and repainting the steel letters, I used a vintage motor and roller system out of an old beer light to make the rays vibrate behind the number 7. In it’s final rendition, the number 7 was translucent white on a black background. All wiring was UL listed and minimum connections made to insure safety and proper operation. We had previously installed a French Cleat on the concrete wall to accept the sign in a simple manner. This was a fun and enjoyable project and has given me ideas for the idea of the lighted marquis. I am now thinking of what things are so important in our world that we should put it up on a marquis to draw blatant attention to it. I am sure that you could think of some issues that deserve “silver screen promotion.”