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November 18, 2010

Hello friends,

Sorry I have not blogged in a while. I have been very busy working on my M.A. show. Anyway, If you have not heard, there is a small dispute going on in Wisconsin. The Governor has created a false panic concerning our budget. It is actually an attempt to stick it to the working class. If you are unsure, look up the Wisconsin State Debt on the internet and divide it by the population of Wisconsin and you will find out that if each person sent a check for $1237.oo that we would be out of debt. ( not to count the millions that Walker gave in takes breaks to corporations at the beginning of February). Anyway, in an effort to protest both the Governor’s bill and the lack of creative signs, three of my fellow art students helped build this protest sign. Wisculpture Grads, Sam Isham-Shopfh, and Hongtao Zhou helped frame it up, and metalsmith Erica Meijer helped me finish it and march tonight. Hopefully we will have it out tomorrow when the Tea-Party shows up. The cardboard was provided by Willy Street Coop, and Ace Hardware on Williamson. Thanks to all who helped and to all who have been supporting us and the Badger State.

Hello friends,

Many days, I ask myself “where did all of my time go?” I sometimes search around for the answer over and over until, I decide to get images taken of my work. The photographer sits down with me and asks, “What all do we have to shoot?” My answer always begins by telling them that I don’t have much at all since I have been too busy to make art. I then begin to list all projects personal, private, commercial, institutional… then it comes to me: Fuck! that is where all of my time went.

This summer I was fortunate enough to work at the Madison Children’s Museum. The old Museum on State Street had closed while the new larger building was being remade into a world-class children’s museum on Hamilton St. As an exhibit worker, I got to work at the offsite shop on Washington Square. It was a beautiful shop with all glass windows facing the Yahara River where the Wisconsin Southern Railroad crosses onto the Isthmus. As the staff increased (as well as the size of the projects) We expanded to an adjacent space in the same building that could house its own metalshop while building three large exhibits simultaneously.

It is a great job when they hire you and say they are looking to buy an airplane for you to tear apart and build exhibits out of. I began by building small random items that would be used as counter weights for the high flying dairy between the first and third floors. It was kind of a shake down to get me adjusted and gauge my skills. I then began working on a variety of projects that required child-proofing, special anchoring systems etc. until we got the call… Someone located a slightly wrecked Beechcraft trainer that came with extra parts for a Cessna 152. I found my dream job! I felt like I should have been paying them!  We knew the first project. We had met with an architect and the exhibit director and knew that we had to create a learning station from part of the fuselage. It would be called Tinkerer’s Workshop and children would use it to experiment with simple projects that could be taught in a fast paced public setting.  That is all for today. I will provide more images later with exhibits that I helped with. Nothing is actually mine. Almost every project was a collaboration as the Museum hired or contracted over 100 of the best Makers in the area. It was an amazingly talented group to work with and we truly believe that we could have built anything that could be dreamed with our staff of artists and craftspeople. Have a great day! enjoy the winter. My new website should be running as I am finishing this semester. I changed to Adobe and have to learn HTML now. PEACE!